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KATBATT Lithium Batteries: Leading the Charge in Energy Storage

Welcome to the world of KATBATT lithium battery manufacturing, South Africa’s forefront in innovative lithium battery solutions. Our journey, starting in a simple farmhouse, is a testament to our commitment to advancing energy storage technology. Here’s how KATBATT is making strides in the sector.

Beginning with Innovation

Our venture began with an ambitious goal: repurposing Lithium-Ion cells to create a Lithium Ion Battery for off-grid application. Through extensive testing of the repurposed laptop battery cells we had a high quality selected group of 18650 cells. Our first unit, a robust 20kWh battery, is still operational, showcasing the lasting impact of our early endeavors.

Advancing Towards Safer Solutions

As we progressed, our focus shifted to developing batteries that prioritize safety and efficiency. These new products, designed for the local market, are a reflection of our deep-seated commitment to quality and reliability.

Diversifying Our Lithium Battery Product Range

Expanding our reach, we started providing specialized batteries for a variety of applications, including electric tricycles and golf carts. This expansion demonstrates our ability to adapt and meet diverse energy needs.

High Voltage KATBATT Lithium Battery Manufacturing

Moreover, we’ve ventured into the realm of high voltage battery manufacturing, catering to the larger demands of commercial and industrial sectors. This move signifies our dedication to offering comprehensive energy solutions.

Specialization in UPS Lithium Battery Systems

In addition to our existing range, we’ve also focused on producing batteries specifically for high voltage UPS systems. This specialization allows us to cater to more specific and technical energy requirements.

Committed to Excellence and Innovation

Our mission at KATBATT remains steadfast: to deliver superior lithium battery solutions across South Africa. Our growth from a modest beginning to a leader in battery technology illustrates our commitment to sustainable and innovative practices.

The Team Driving KATBATT Lithium Batteries Forward

The expertise of our co-founders, Hein Joubert and Johannes van Eck, both alumni of Stellenbosch University, continues to propel KATBATT’s success. Their combined knowledge in engineering and design plays a crucial role in our advancements.

Join the KATBATT journey as we continue to innovate and redefine the standards in lithium battery technology.

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